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Gemstone has been proudly serving our clients with quality products and service for more than 25 years.

Acrylic & Epoxy Coatings in Clearwater, Florida

Gemstone Concrete Coatings offers a wide array of services and products to beautify and protect the exterior surfaces of your home or business. Our concrete contractors offer acrylic coatings that will protect your existing concrete surfaces and restore them to their natural beauty. Coatings are available in your choice of many different colors and textures.

Acrylic Coatings

Is your concrete surface faded, molded, or riddled with oil stains? Decorative acrylic cement coatings can revitalize your concrete surface while protecting it from salt, sun, rain, heat, and cold. We offer a wide variety of acrylic coatings to help enhance your property's value. Contact us to learn more about the textures, colors, patterns, and designs that are available. If you are interested in creating your own custom design and pattern, simply contact us to get started today.

Gemstone uses the most innovative technology available for our customers' needs. We provide state-of-the-art coating systems, which include a variety of systems for epoxy color coatings and seamless flooring.

The variety of applications ranges from clear and color coating systems, broadcasted (silica/color quartz/color flake) systems, trowel systems, conductive, waterproofing systems, and dielectric systems.
We can also provide any of these systems in textures and custom colors based on your needs.
These two-component systems are solventless, odorless, and chemical resistant, and are designed for many uses.
They are not only designed to protect the substrate from chemical and mechanical abuse, but to enhance the appearance of your floors.

Acrylic Coating Overview:

DurableA non-porous, slip-resistant, tough can hold up against most of the elements.
DecorativeDesigned to complement any color scheme inside or outside your home or business.  Multiple patterns to look like stone or tile.  Stencil 

patterns may be ordered for a more elaborate look.
Ease of Maintenance— Hosing off will clean surface most of the time.  For high-traffic areas, a pressure washer can clean and not damage the surface.


Practical Uses for Acrylic Coatings

Our Acrylic coating systems are durable and lend themselves well to high-performance requirements. Our acrylic coatings can be utilized in many environments. 

• Driveways
• Garages
• Walkways and sidewalks • Pool decks • Patios and Balconies • Traffic Decks
Learn more about the different types of epoxy and acrylic coatings by contacting us at (800) 969-1998 in Clearwater, Florida.